Mojibake Decoder

Yes: Replace HTML entities (e.g. &) with their values.
No: Do not replace HTML entities.
Auto: Replace HTML entities in text that doesn't look like HTML.
Remove terminal control sequences, like codes to change the text color.
Attempt to repair mistakes caused by misinterpreting Unicode data.
Separate ligatures (such as fi) into individual letters.
Replace half-width and full-width characters with their standard-width form.
Replace various forms of ‘curly’ “quotes” with plain ASCII 'straight' "quotes".
Ensure that there are no UTF-16 surrogates in the resulting string, by converting them to the correct characters when they’re appropriately paired, or replacing them with ufffd otherwise.
Remove control characters that are not suitable for use in text. This includes most of the ASCII control characters, plus some Unicode controls such as the byte order mark (U+FEFF). Useful control characters, such as Tab, Line Feed, and bidirectional marks, are left as they are.
Which Unicode normal form to use for normalizing the string.