The future of computing is here

What I want is a storageless-first serverless connectionless computerless apps.

I think you may have just invented the whiteboard.

(This post is a mirror of a Hacker News comment I wrote.)

“Scientists baffled”

Herd Of Fuzzy Green ‘Glacier Mice’ Baffles Scientists

It seems like scientists are always baffled. (What’s that old quote about “the most important phrase in science is ‘hmm, that’s funny...’”?)

Being baffled is pretty much a scientist’s job.

(This post is a mirror of a Hacker News comment I wrote.)

Little did Microsoft know...

(One penguin, to another) “I’ll trade you five herring for your Microsoft software.”

I found this image on the back of a Microsoft booklet from 1991 called Microsoft products for the Macintosh. This same book contains other gems such as:

My success at breeding captive animals can mean the difference between their survival or extinction. That's why I use Microsoft Mail.

Grant Hutchinson noted:

Keep in mind that in this particular situation, the transaction would be based on the unit values present in the 1991 herring market. The same transaction today would need to have the equivalent herring value calculated at the current rate of exchange.