Using Airbrake with Electron

Airbrake, Electron, NodeJS

Just a quick tip on how to use Airbrake to report errors in an Electron renderer process.

This code has been tested with electron@1.2.0 and airbrake-js@0.5.9.

First of all, install airbrake-js:

npm install --save airbrake-js

Then, create an AirbrakeClient instance in the renderer script (not the main process—for that I think you would want to use node-airbrake instead):

var AirbrakeClient = require('airbrake-js')
var airbrake = new AirbrakeClient({projectId: /*id*/, projectKey: /*your-key-here*/});

Now you can use airbrake.notify() etc. as described in the airbrake-js documentation. However, airbrake-js will not catch and report errors automatically for you, as it would in the browser. This is because Electron has already added a window.onerror handler and Airbrake avoids overwriting any handlers that are already using this event.

To report uncaught exceptions, just add the following code:

// Electron hooks into `window.onerror`
// and emits an `uncaughtException` event on `global.process` instead.
process.on('uncaughtException', function(e) {
	// First log the exception to the console so it shows up as usual
	console.error('Uncaught exception:', e.stack)
	// In addition, report it to Airbrake.
	airbrake.notify({error: e})

Airbrake will now report any uncaught exceptions in your code.