Hi, I'm Wolfgang Faust.

I do a lot of different things. Some of them I even do on the Internet! Here are some of the things I've done.



Unofficial deb repository for Vagrant


Generates postdated RSS feeds to reduce binge-reading

Python • Updated on Mar 10, 2016


Convert between SVG user units and various absolute units.

JavaScript • Updated on Nov 19, 2015


Library for driving a bicolor LED with Arduino

C++ • Updated on Apr 12, 2014
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Creative Endeavours

Sometimes I write things on /r/WritingPrompts. You can find these in my comment history.

Fiction?fiction‽ You want to marry someone from fiction⁈⁉” Not only was my father using unusual forms of punctuation, but he had also started turning a most interesting shade of purple. I will admit that this wasn't entirely unexpected, though I hadn't anticipated that he would break out the entire type case in the process. “I cannot have the heir to the entirety of 920Biography, genealogy, insignia married to someone from fiction!

I've also drawn some comics, though not recently.

Technical Writings

RAAF Syko machine manual

The Syko machine was a British strip cipher used during WWII for encoding radio communications between aircraft. There's not much information on the Web about these machines; a scan of the Syko Manual (PDF, 2.4MB) is available but it's rather hard to read as it's an old document and has had extra annotations added. In this post, I have transcribed the entire document to make it easier to read and find information about how the Syko machines were operated. Read more »

Gulp was devoured!

If you get this message when you run gulp, you have installed devour which also provides a gulp executable that wraps Gulp and prints this message.

I was having problems building some assets for a project, and eventually discovered this after a lot of hair-tearing trying to figure out why nothing was building. Hopefully the search engines will pick up on this and give more useful results to the next person who has this problem.

Ethernet Aglets

…are technically known as 8P8C modular connectors. It took five of us to figure this out—everyone knew exactly what I was talking about, and nobody could think of the actual name for the things.

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